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Stolp acts as a ‘cage of Faraday’, an enclosure to block electromagnetic fields. The cage, which Stolp is, blocks all signals. This means you won’t have phone reception, wifi or 3G/4G/5G.

When Stolp is fully closed, all signals are fully blocked: you're 100% offline.
When Stolp is closed but not fully, the signals aren't blocked. In this modus, you can charge your phone via power cable while you still enjoy the benefit of 'out of sight, out of mind'. Merely the visual presence of your phone has an impact on your ability to focus and converse. When your phone is in Stolp, you benefit from having your phone 'out of sight, out of mind' while still being able to be called by your loved ones.

With NFC, two electronic devices can communicate over a short distance (4 cm to be exact) or less. You probably know NFC because it’s the technology that’s being used in contactless payment by just holding your bank card against the payment machine at the grocery stores.

Nowadays, most of the phones have NFC! You can find a list of all phones here:  

With NFC, you can create mini-automations. It's a "if this, then that". When you put your smartphone in Stolp, there's an NFC-tag built-in that can automatically trigger something that you set-up.
Some inspiration for your use:
- You put your phone in Stolp and it automatically goes in 'airplane mode'
- Automatic alarm set-up everytime you put your phone in your bedside Stolp
- Your phone goes automatically in battery saving mode once you put it in Stolp
- To let your family know you arrived home. The message will be sent once you put your phone in Stolp
- To turn on your smart home light once you arrive at home (no, they won't be turned off once you pick up your phone and take it out of Stolp).

With Lieven De Marez – Belgian professor in Media & Technology doing a lot of research on smartphone statistics and behaviour – JUCE is working on something exciting! Over the course of 9 months, 15 students and JUCE will try to answer the question ‘how can we help youngsters form a healthy relationship with their smartphone?'. Together we'll translate research into practice and develop a tool that can be used by parents, schools,... to incorporate healthier phone habits starting from a young age.

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You can return Stolp within 7 days after receiving your Stolp. Please get in touch via for all information with regards to returning your Stolp(s) and your refund.

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