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Smartphones are great. Sometimes, they’re even better when they’re quiet…

2020 marks a year that will not be forgotten. A year where more than ever mobile technology enabled us to stay connected, yet made us realize real human interactions are simply irreplacable. Where screentime can’t match actual facetime, whether we are 6 feet or miles apart.

Let 2021 be the year to reconnect. To take a stand on more balance and our digital wellbeing. To be fully present with those around us. In the name of love.

Out of sight = out of mind

Let’s hide our phones in plain sight and reconnect. We’re not just making this up, it’s science.

Results from two experiments indicate that even when people are successful at maintaining sustained attention at a task — as when avoiding the temptation to check their phones — the mere presence of these devices reduces available cognitive capacity. Conclusion: there's less attention for the task at hand, whether that task is being concentrated for work or being present with those around.

Simply put: out of sight = out of mind. Not having your phone in sight leaves you with more .

For more focus, less stress, flowing conversations and most of all time well spent.

Our story

Team Stolp
Hi there!

We are Julien and Matthias. Back in 2017 we founded JUCE⁺ with a great idea: to build a smartphone charging hub so no one would ever run out of “juice” again. Except, do we really want to spend more time on our phone? No. With our own screentime averaging a whopping twenty-four hours every single week, we finally came to self-awareness.

That marked the start of our noble and ambitious mission. To break the pattern and enable people to have a more mindful relationship with their smartphone and spend time on what truly matters. Not by banning our beloved digital dummy, but through the superpower of more conscious habits in the “age of mobile”, the age of distraction.

With Stolp we are bringing our story and vision in its purest form to your home. We can only tell we are super excited about this one and can’t wait the see Stolp bring people closer together.

Julien & Matthias

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Get in touch! We're eager to work on projects that empower people to take action in the age of smartphone distraction towards more consciousness with regards to time well spent.